Email signatures managed entirely through your Exchange server

Create an email signature template using text, images and dynamic fields with dedicated Exchange signature software.

Email signatures processed by Microsoft Exchange 2003

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The award-winning signature software solution automatically adds professional email signatures to all corporate mail sent via Exchange 2019/2016/2013/2010.

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Centralize Your Email Signatures

  • Create a signature template design using text, images and dynamic fields. Use rules to assign different templates for different needs. Click 'Save' and you're done
  • As each email is processed at the Exchange server, Mail Utilities evaluates your rules, fills out your dynamic fields and updates the email
  • Data for the dynamic fields can come from the message, the sender, the recipient, the server or even an external source such as your social media content
  • Mail Utilities is our comprehensive, Award Winning Exchange 2003 signature software solution
I strongly recommend Mail Utilities to any IT provider.
Nathan DeLong Town of Wilbraham, Massachussetts

For Exchange 2003

  • Every email, from any device, is processed – so even when you're emailing from a smartphone or tablet, you get your signature.
  • And since it's on Exchange, it knows where the email's going – so, for example, you can use a simpler design on emails to internal colleagues.

By working directly with Exchange, you get total control.

For Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Using Rules

Rules let you define which emails get which signatures. Create them using conditions based on sender and recipient attributes from your Active Directory or data from the message like subject, body or attachments.

Define conditions that the email must meet such as 'sender is a member of the Sales OU' or 'sender is a member of the Administrator's Group' or 'message body contains a key word or phrase' to create powerful rules.

Combine rules with a template to create a policy. So, you might have an 'Internal Signature' policy that uses a rule of 'recipient and sender are internal' and a simple template containing just the sender's building number and telephone extension.

You can have any number of policies and sequence them in any way you like so you get just as much flexibility and control as you'll ever need.

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With Images, Text and Dynamic Fields

You combine static text like labels with images like your corporate logo and add dynamic data like sender's name or job title to create a template.

Dynamic data can be filled out from the message, the sender and recipient's Active Directory profiles or even an external source like your blog or Twitter feed. Gold Award